Cloudy early ― but at 11 ― N. Wind began, & blew violently all dry. At 6 P.M. it is a gale.

Painted at 2 Philæs ― off & on.

Lawson came ― & said Mr. Blanchard had wished to buy the large Corfu ― but as the Blanchards are going away today ― it don’t much matter. Only ― if one could believe so disagreable a vulgarity ― it almost looks as if these stories of the Forts, Blanchards ― & Lawson* himself all wishing to buy, but never buying ― were meant as hoaxes.

Later, Hutton came: all were to sail today ― but I suppose it is too rough.

Worked till 6. But did not go out at all.

Dined at 6.45.

Penned out the last of all the Albanian 1857 tour ― viz ― that of S.ta Quaranta, April 22. 1857.

Maudes out all, ἅς ἐυκαριζοῦμεν τον Θεον!1 & silence, barring the sea & wind.

G.K. has gone to Kastrades, Χριστὸς being ill again.


*Certainly not Lawson. ―
Oct. 13. 1863.

[Transcribed by Marco Graziosi from Houghton Library, Harvard University, MS Eng. 797.3.]

  1. Thank God (NB). []