Bright & fine ― coldish. ― North Wind ― all day.

Worked (very little) at Grenfells Philæ.

Called on Mrs. Craven ― which her little boy would not leave me. It is odd how children like me.

At 1.30 came Geoff & off we set, to the 3rd mile, & so to Nausicaa’s fountain ― & by the whole of the Acqueduct [sic] road ―― how beautiful! ― (& Geoff admiring every point,) & up to Gastouri by 4.20 ― & hard walking ― (16 minutes to every mile) ― down to line wall by 6. ―

There, goodbye to Geoff as we said ― in 1837.

His visit has done me good: all his mothers “continuations” do good to all: i.e. all she influenced, influence others.

Dined at 7. Penned out Tepelene. All is quiet ― for the Maudes go to Balls nightly now a days: tanto meglio.1

Hutton called today ― & Lawson was in [joke] only about the “Butrinto.” So; it is clear I do not “dispoge” of anything here. More need of hard work & thought.

[Transcribed by Marco Graziosi from Houghton Library, Harvard University, MS Eng. 797.3.]

  1. Much for the better. []