Gray all day: spitty rain at times.

Painted inertly & ill at Jánina.

― Always the fussy waiting for Post, bothers. But it didn’t come. ― ‘Fort’ came at 2, & said he & Mrs. F. were coming to see pictures: but they didn’t. Meanwhile, at 3 ― what was far far better ― Geoff did come. ― That child is a trumpy=brick. ― We two walked out, to Alipù. ― He is telegraphed to go on March 1 to [], ― & would I could go too! ――

But, δὲν εἶναι δύνατον.1

How we talked. I perhaps ― πάρα πολὺ.2

We met the Prince who, riding with 3: ― after he passed, we heard ― (as they trotted on,)

Lear? ― “Yes Sir Lear.” ― “O ― I saw him at Rome” ―. ―― a very facile & expedite explanation. ―

At 6 ― when I returned, Craven asked me upstairs to dine: ― bother: I said ― No. ―

So I dined alone.

A letter from W. Nevill came ― very incoherent, & odd I fear. ―

Bed at 10.30.

Much sharp pain today ― in the old sprain: I do not know why.


[Transcribed by Marco Graziosi from Houghton Library, Harvard University, MS Eng. 797.3.]

  1. It is not possible (NB). []
  2. Too much (NB). []