Fine. Gray.

Wrote, till 2 P.M. to James Edwards
Holman Hunt
T. Cooper
Major Reynolds.

At 3 called on Miss Goldsmid & Mrs. Naylor …………

The P. of W. came at noon. ―

Church at 3.30. ― The P. ― the L.H.C. & all the suite. It was odd to see the same cortege ― Genl. ― (the Col. Bruce ―) walking up the aisle, as at Rome in 1860. But how changed the prospects of that young man!! ― the guiding controlling father ――― gone.

Walk with Geoff, who was at church ― to the Temple & then Ἀνάλειψις platform ― & the one gun ― round, where, unhappily we fell in with Capt. Clifford. Later, with Hutton, who amiably walked home with me: ― he & his friends go on Wednesday.

So to Decies at 7. Geoff ― & Luard. Merry & pleasant dinner: talk: singing: & walk home ― as far as his boat ― with Geoff. Happier days in Corfû “we shall not see” ―; ― nor could we have expected such.

Home before 11. ―

[Transcribed by Marco Graziosi from Houghton Library, Harvard University, MS Eng. 797.3.]