Fine, except a storm of rain & wind at Midday.

Worked ― nor over well, at Corfu A.

Steamer in, & neither letters nor papers.

The Cravens called ― bores both ― tho’ I suppose good people. ―

Then I called on Lady Inglis? ― No
Are you not going to ――――――― Perhaps yes or no
Why so? ――――――――― I don’t wish to go out.
But you are under martial law here, & anyone is bound to call on the General &c. ―――
“We suffer fools gladly, being wise ourselves:” ― I am sure I do not suffer them gladly ― so I can’t be wise.

At 3.30 ― called on the Sargents ― out. These rooms require 2 servants ― & would not do for me. ― Walked with Capt. B. ― an intelligent little man ― by the new Parga road, Condi road, & so the long round to Castrades, & home by 6.30.

Dined at 6.45, & penned out 2 Ζαγώρι drawings ― the last but 2.

[Transcribed by Marco Graziosi from Houghton Library, Harvard University, MS Eng. 797.3.]