Rose at 9. Breakfast 9.30. Afterwards ― lo! ― Tom Wyatt! so we “combinavamo”1 for a day. Walked out, & called at the Bristol, where I saw C. Fortescue, who seemed to me unwell still & too much excited. (Ward B. was there.) I did not go to see Lady W. but returned to Hotel, & went to see the Bourse with T.W. ― a very curious scene of gambling row! ― a noble building ― but is Mammon a God, or not? Later went to the Louvre with T.W. & saw the Napoleon Museum, immensely interesting! ― then the pictures in many rooms, (Titian, Giorgione, P. Veronese &c. &c.[)] What galleries!

The day was lovely. (Ivy borders the grass.) At 4.30 we went home, where I wrote a note to Lady W. & left it.

Returning ― found C.F. had called. ― At 6, to the Cafe Anglais with T.W. ― where he & I dined expatiatively for 15fr. Each: very celestial. W.’s anecdotes of Sidney Herbert are remarkably nice: ― also of L. Philippe & others. ― Apres, Cafè. ― then to Hotel ― & addio2 to Wyatt who is a delightful fellow. ― Note from Lady W. ― Bed at 11.

[Transcribed by Marco Graziosi from Houghton Library, Harvard University, MS Eng. 797.3.]

  1. Literally, the Italian means “arranged,” Lear obviously means “we passed the day together.” []
  2. Farewell. []