Fine ― & always warm anyhow.

Letters from
R. Jameson
W.G. Clark
Mrs. G. Scrivens.
T. Baring
R. Sumner, ― (asking me to Addington ―)
& later
C. Fortescue ― from Florence.

At 10.30 came the 2 Miss Beauforts ― & were delighted with the Thebes particularly. Also with the Nile sketches ― wh. ― & Syria they looke over till 2. They are cleverish, educated women ― but unoriginal & cold=hard, ― spite of the written epanchement, Emily B. reminds me of Margaret Sermoneta in some things. ― Miss Goldsmid is worth 410 of them.

Robt. Martineau also came ― & at 3 I walked out with him. Went, thenceforth, to buy a map, & to Maclean’s, ― whom I saw, & to whom I proposed the new Corfû work of 12 drawings.

Home & dressed, & to poor dear W.F. Beadon’s ― taking him 4 pictures to show him ― & the new nonsenses. He grows weaker & worse ― yet enjoyed the Evening: ― a sad weary life of suffering! ― yet the end is not far off.

[Transcribed by Marco Graziosi from Houghton Library, Harvard University, MS Eng. 797.3.]