Fine, but cloudy till 10 or 11 ― & the mountains never clear, Monte Viso indeed was only visible at sunrise, & then a gleaming from high above cloud ― looking more like a set of stars than anything mundane. Rose at 4 ― the careful Giorgio calling me: ― we got some coffee at a cafè, & were up at the Cappuccini by 5.5. But the mountains, alas! were undrawable. Yet I got a good del of insane work done ― & did not get back till 8.45. Then I penned out hard till 12 ― & then dined: not feeling well tho’, & having taken the Levers medicine again, as the stoppage threatens to return. After dinner, Graham called & shewed me photographs: & I penned & slept by turns till 4.30, when G. & I again went along the long street to the Cappuccini, & I drew till 7.30. We went into the Cap: garden, the Portinaro shewing me his bedroom, full=hung with small quadri1 ― “tutti regali!”2 ― he, a Swiss from Lugano.

The Garden ruins are very lovely ― & I hardly know any convent more finely placed for a city Panoramic lookout. At the Hotel by 8.30. Supped on cold fowl & beer: ― & to bed at 9.15. ― The 3 stories here, & the twice=a-day to the Cappuccini are fatiguing, but I am better than I was, & am thankful for being so.


[Transcribed by Marco Graziosi from Houghton Library, Harvard University, MS Eng. 797.3.]

  1. Paintings. []
  2. All of them presents! []