Same clear hot fine weather.

Rose at 5. 3rd dose of new medicine, wh. is decidedly a good one.

Penned out all that remains to be penned.

No letters ― nor papers.

At 11 Walked to Levers: pleasant people: I sleepy. L., is, I have little doubt a decided ‘reactionist:’ does not at all believe in “l’Unità d’Italia” as possible: & is, altogether very Tory. It is a sad question tho’, really. Home by 12.

Dinner late ― nearly 2, very angry.

At 3 ― no coach.

Came up in a rage. Fit of passion & ‘fury’ ―


X6. So easily one falls off ― even after such regularity. So I lay down & slept a while.

At 6.30 I went to the Rail ― for last Thursday the train only came at 7.10. To night it had already come ― but no George. So it is plain to me that he will not come at all. Nevertheless I went back for the 8 train ― but that did not come: & at 9 I heard there had been some accident near Pisa, & it could not come before 10.

I have pretty well resolved to write to George at once, bidding him now not to come: & as these broken plans & cross purposes do not suit, I must give up the good fellow’s services ― giving him wages for 6 months on. ― After all, Ann is gone, & having lost her, I lost all. Bed at 10 & slept, when lo! at 11.15 ――― George Kokali ― ! just as if he [continues at the bottom of the next page] had never been away! ― (the train had come to grief at Pisa, ― & he had hurt his face.[)]

[Transcribed by Marco Graziosi from Houghton Library, Harvard University, MS Eng. 797.3.]