Fine & warm ― aye & sunny ― throughout.

Rather an odd day. Rising at 8 ― wrote a long letter to Mrs. G. Clive & some notes. At 10.20 C. Fortescue came ― very unexpectedly ― for I thought him away. Hamilton, his brother in law is dead: ― so now, only Mrs. H. Mattie, & Chi, remain. 40scues feelings & expressions are true & gentle & good. This morning was very nice. ―― Afterwards I went again, to F.L. & Arthur Stanley, ― J. Blencowe came, asking me to dine: but I had resolved to go to Williams’s. At 2½ to London Bridge ― & to Woolwich. There, on as bright a day as in years gone, I crossed the Artillery ground. There Phipps was alive, Lina & Susan & all: & dear Lady Hornby. All things seemed gay & bustling as then: yet how much of the “then” exists no longer ―― in myself  as elsewhere? | otherwise.

At Edwd. Williams, I found him out, & they were both to dine out ― whence dismay on kind little Mrs. W.’s part. So I came away & hurried to train ― but lo! just then, off it fizzed. Whereon I took a fly to Greenwich (4) & by train reached L. Bridge at 6. Cab to Stratford Pl.: dressed, & to 32 Brook St. by 7. ― Mr. Blencowe, Mrs. B. John & Mrs. J.B. & 2 very fine nice Children. Dinner pleasant, but επείτα έφωβήθην διὰ τοῦς τρομεροὺς τρόπους τοῦ Κυρίου Μπλέκνω.1) Poor Mrs. B. was much agitated thereby. ―― Evening also pleasant. Ἒμενα ἐώς τάς ἓνδεκας ― ἐλπίζων ὃτι δὲν ὀμίλισα παραπολὺ.2

Prayers: long.


[Transcribed by Marco Graziosi from Houghton Library, Harvard University, MS Eng. 797.3.]

  1. Then I was terrified by the dreadful manners of Mr. Blencowe (NB []
  2. I stayed until eleven ― hoping I didn’t talk too much (NB). []