Darkish ― gray & cold again.

Mrs. Gurney
Mrs. Curwen
Miss Curwen
Mr. Curwen.
Lord Wenlock.
Mrs. Stuart Wortley.

Absolutely set to work on J.E. Cross’s Dead Sea ― & finished it ― & took that & Jerusalem & Baalbek to Foord’s at 5. ― The Gurney visit, was cheerful ― but decision as to their non taking Beirût. Lord Wenlock’s & Mrs. Stuart Wortley’s visit was very pleasant: I always like them both ― so many years back! & now each has 9 children ― so out of 2 ― are 20. At 5 to Foords ˇ[in a cab] ― & Roberson, & then walked to Mr. Bell’s ― very noisy, dusty, city ― odious.

Evening pleasant, this dear good Mrs. Bell’s always fussing detracts more than it should. Dear Mr. Bell, & she also however are both goodness itself. At dinner the Bishop of Labuan came in ― a bearded & most unaffected Bishop ― quite delightful & novel quâ Episcopus. Hyde Salter is potius aper but I suppose learned. At 10 he & I walked [as]1 far as the Temple. ― Cab home.

Devellopement [sic] of the Weld affair. He had a woman habitually into the home; & when his wife was away, she slept there, & he cooked for her. The servants mutined, & was found. ― He, (attacked,) denied all: but ultimately, confessed all.

[Transcribed by Marco Graziosi from Houghton Library, Harvard University, MS Eng. 797.3.]

  1. Blotted. []