Fine early & sun!! ― Later clouds. Warmer.

C. Fortescue.                 before I went out
Octavius Smith |          when I was out.
―――?                       |
Mr. [Malsden]              |
Lady F. Harcourt |
Mrs. Somers Cock & 2 children          |          after I returned
Lady Buxton |
Mrs. Head |
Harvey Bagot.                                     |
Mrs. Wyatt |
Miss Prie.                                             |

at 10.30. Went to the R. Academy, a task necessary. Also to National Gallery.

Also to Daddy Hunt’s picture & bought a life of him.

Worked at E. Clive’s Cedars for a time, & at 6.30 to Frith’s.

Variety of duty at dinner time. Both Mrs. A. & Mrs. D. are very pleasing, but a triad of discourse was impossible.

The Dixons are very Tropic=English.

Frith is as good-tempered & small as of old. Mrs. F. more cheerful. Ansdell always pleasant.

Evening ― Mrs. Broox played. ― But there were ― ἂς εὐχαριζοῦμεν τόν θεόν! ― κανεῖς χαλία.1

Ἣλθα είς τήν οἰκείαν διὰ ἒνα Κὰβ.2 at 12 P.M.

Frith said, Mulready once told him this. He, (M.) had called on Wilkie, then living in Norton St. (?) ― & had found the street noisy with Bagpipes ― which noise increased to the house & was found to be inside it, & insupportably loud [continues in the previous page, connected by a line] Said Wilkie, when he came down ― “Its just my mother who is dee=ing, & the Bagpipes were what she liked best, so I’ve just had them to her bedside!” ――

[Transcribed by Marco Graziosi from Houghton Library, Harvard University, MS Eng. 797.3.]

  1. Let us thank God ―no one was bad (NB). []
  2. I came home by Cab (NB). []