Dry ― but quite sunless ― out cold.

Drew at Edwd. Clives’s Cedars, from 10 to 3.30.

No-one came!! & no letters!!

Walked to Daddy Hunt’s, & found him working at Lord Lansdowne’s little sketch of the Lantern Maker: ― the quaintest letter from Lord L.! ― who, having been at the R.A., & having seen there the original painting, just 4 times the size of the sketch he had bought, ― writes to H.H., noticing the “misapprehension” by which his painting had been sent to the R.A., whereas he had only lent it to be altered!! ― So much for noble & amateur  discernment!!!!! ― Talk with H.H. was very pleasant: ― he is always so clear, & so just. ― The Scape Goat is engraved. ― Walked to Lady Bethell’s & left cards ― Mrs. Carpenter is dead! Dressed, & at 7.30 ― to Sir J. Lewis.

The dinner ― (very good,) & all the evening, were pleasant. C.M. sang ― his voice always most beautiful, but no feeling, nor emphasis.

Walked to St. James’s St. with him, ― & cab home by 12.

[Transcribed by Marco Graziosi from Houghton Library, Harvard University, MS Eng. 797.3.]