Dry, cold ― East Wind ― gray. ― Rose at 9.

Ἐὰν δὲν εἶναι τοῦτο χειμῶν, τὶ εἶναι;1

C. Fortescue came at 10 ― breakfast ― pleasant: ― he is always absolutely kind & solidly good. Exit at 12.30.

At 1 came J.B. Edwards ― & thence we walked out, making calls I ― & talking both. But he seems of a disposition impossible to live on without discontent: ― I do all I can to reconcile him to life ― but not to much purpose. Sometimes I think 2 or 3 more years of Indian service might have done him more good. ― Intanto I went on nowhere, but called at


17 houses in all ― whereby it was nearly 6 & I came back to dress.

I am sorry for James Edwards.

At 6½ to Sir R. Bethells. Sir R. at Hackwood. Mansfield & Emma Parkyns, “Toni” & Ellen Abrahams Hildebrand a friend of the Parkyns, Slingsby & Mrs. S. ― Lady B. & Gussy.

At first I had a pleasant feeling in seeing them all, ―but as they all more or less squabbled ― excepting Gussy & Emma ― I grew weary. A more disjointed household hardly exists I hope: ― & yet all seem to care for each other. Meanwhile Lady B. did not come down, & was all “nohow [“]upstairs.” ― Wondered I should grieve for my sister ― since “I so seldom saw her.” & said very unwise things about Sir R. sleeping at Oxford Sqre. & she at home &c. &c. I came away uncheerful: ― nor see any quiet happy lot. Dearest Ann’s was really so ― tho’ not to these shallow & vulgar spectators, who, in all their pomp ― bite the dust of misery. ――― Thank God, ― that my health is far better to day. Very little inconvenience in walking.

C.F. told me that Lady R. had told him of this dialogue (or agiologue, or agiomonologue ―) from Pope to O.R. ― Pio IX ― “If I could for one moment believe in the ˇ[lasting] Unity of Italy I would place myself at its head ―: but I know it is not possible. ― And you English know that too: ― & moreover if it were possible you would prevent it, for you are well aware that you are inferior in every talent to the Italians, & would suffer if Italy were a great nation to be your superior in every way!”

The old blashpemin pigg!

[Transcribed by Marco Graziosi from Houghton Library, Harvard University, MS Eng. 797.3.]

  1. If this is not winter, what is? (NB). []
  2. Blotted. []