X ― a horrid state of things.

Very fine, most lovely. ― But I “packed” ― & made ready to go. A note came, sent by ET ― from F.L. ― but I had written to her to say I was off.

It was difficult to go without seeing her again, but the drawbacks & chances of staying are too painful. So at 12 I walked up the down, young Frankland having proposed to ride or walk with me part of the way. This lad’s company was a great pleasure ― involving very little exertion on my part, for he is lively, & having been 5 years at Gibraltar, full of Spanish fun, which he pronounces well. His mare Fanny, wa also one  well worth seeing, & so, all over these wide quiet downs with the calm bright sea ― the hours passed delightfully.

Only ― ever the cold weary feeling ― something is gone. Farther we came close to Carisbrook, & then, instead of getting a Fly at Newport, I turned towards Calbourne ― stopping at a small Beer-shop for a glass of ale “are you a traveller, Sir?” We passed Swainston, & Calbourne ― memories all of persons gone. ― & just beyond, Frankland left me. Light hearted, but good & intellingent fellow. ―――

So I walked on: ― Newbridge: ― a new place not in my map: & so by windy roads ― with always a quiet beauty beyond ― to Yarmouth by 6.30.

“George” Hotel ―an old building. ― Good rooms ― & good plain dinner.

(Very kind letters from Mrs. Percy, Miss Dennett, & Edwd Crake. ―)

A fortnight at this hour 8 or 9 ― I was with that dear dear Ann. ―

[Transcribed by Marco Graziosi from Houghton Library, Harvard University, MS Eng. 797.3.]