I wake & then ――――――――――――

But ― I rise, & at 9.30 to Henderson’s, & with him, (he is really nice man,) to Stonefield St. ― & thence, leaving Ellen to bring things into the front room, ― I, Mr. H. & Sarah, went to Highgate.

There we chose a place for the outward husk or shell of what was dearest Ann.

Afterwards, Sarah & I walked back: all thro’ Holloway & Islington ― & a cab at last to 20. Stonefield St. by 12.

Sarah’s calmness is not wonderful ˇ[to] me, ὁ ὁποῖος ἑταξίδευσα.1

B. Hunt was there, who as Executor, read the will &c. &c. ― & went away at 1.30. Then, S.G. & I looked over all dear Ann’s things. The amount of thought & care for others is not credible ― would not be at least to those who did not know her: everything was labelled & ticketed.

Poor Ellen’s smallness selfishness? was a vexation ― but we managed to [stave] it off. Sarah was very unselfish & kindly.

At 3 I came away ― worn & half dead. ― For all my life ― early & late, that beautiful Ann has preserved the best of ― with a trust & affection it is impossible to describe. There are drawings from my 5th year!! ― & letters & likenesses ever since! ― And what out=extra charity! (as is proved by receipts.) Verily ― I have lost all I had. Yet I may gain ― yes I do gain. ― Percy Coombe came & dined with me: a kindly & good lad ― & very nice in every way. ― Ahi! Ahi! ―


[Transcribed by Marco Graziosi from Houghton Library, Harvard University, MS Eng. 797.3.]

  1. Who travelled (NB). []