Masada 21 day

Very queer life! (the sun shines now ― it never did in the summer!) all bright & gray: white earth ― & sky ― clear ever.

No letters, except from Foord announcing the frame of the old Bassæ being on the way here. ― Painted at Masada ― off & on all day ― but very doubtful if it will ever do.

At 3.30 the case & frame came ― & the ancient Bassæ ― rechristened “Masada” out came: ― having been to America & Rome by way of voyages. ― By 5.30 I had got the picture with the frame [into the] end Coffee room, & there I must work for the next days. The Masada don’t look very promising to me ― very pale & water coloury: ―― & needs a deal of force & color.

Little boy ― Laville Evans ― in knickerbockers ― came & looked at Nonsense book &c.

Wrote to J.B.H.Mrs. Husey Hunt, ― C. Flint, F.L., ―.

Nice letter ― afternoon ― from Lucy Francillon.

Did not go out. ― Dined at 6.30. Miss Howard: Mr. Anderton, an old 77 City Hercules, & Mr. Fairie ― with whom I sate afterwards ― & who also came to me, awhile.

Now that Masada is out of my room, I have put the Cedars forward ― to finish next. ―


[Transcribed by Marco Graziosi from Houghton Library, Harvard University, MS Eng. 797.3.]