Drew 40£ from Drummonds.

Rose at 5.15, ― at 5.45 in a fly & Station, cold. Inn comfortable. Leicester at 7.15 ― Rugby at 8 ― where breakfast ― tea & roll for 8d. ― At Blisworth Times ― & read to Euston Sqr. at 10.30 ― by 11 ― at Straford Pl. ― Began to pack for going away ― when lo! J.B. Harford ― to my gt. pleasure. He & Mary H. came this morning from Antwerp ― from Bonn. B. Bunsen is in the same state as Mrs. Schwabe described ― but may last for months.  I then walked with J.B.H. to Drummond’s ― & back to their Hotel, where was Mary H. & Constance & Alice: 2 nice children, but not obedient. ― Mrs. John talked a good deal about the Baron & Madame, & no doubt those days were days of strange sorrow & comfort. ― We all had much fun about Mrs. Schwabe. ― I lefthem [sic] ― very pleased to have seen them, & called on R. Hay at 2.30. ― He was most wretched ― & canot bear being alone. I soon came away: it is too dreadful to see & hear him: quite terrible. I find Giuseppe leaves him at Marseilles ― he says he can’t bear this life longer: & I suppose Lady H.C. will ― if ever the poor man goes ― be with poor Mrs. Hay till he dies ― so no other help is needed. Yet I doubt if he ever will get to Malta ― as he struck me to day as greatly changed. ― Thence to Stratford Pl. ― & at 3.15 to Waterloo ― & rail to Walton. Hewitson was in the train.

All “the lights were fled” as Raleigh said. Only the sad Jones supped ˇ[supping] surreptitiously soup ―: no one else.

My rooms seem very comfortable, but I would the pictures were all done. Yet I fancy I have done well in coming here: though after Annesley it is rather queer & lone.

Πρέπει νὰ ὑπάγω νὰ κοιμηθῶ.1

[Transcribed by Marco Graziosi from Houghton Library, Harvard University, MS Eng. 797.3.]

  1. I must go to bed (NB). []