Drew 25£ from Drummond’s.

Rose at 7. Εἶναι βαρὼς, ὁ “ἀτμοσφέρος” here.1 Very fine day. Packed &c. till 11. ― Then went to Brie’s, ― to Chappells ― (where was Rimbault ―) ― & to Drummond’s, & then to Mr. Hay. He seems very much more feeble, & “miserabilissimo”2 as Giuseppe the Amatriciano says. I walked with him up & down Albemarle St. a little time ― but it was too cold for him. Capt. Devereux came in then, & I soon left. A visit to R. Hay is most sad.

Ἔπειτα I walked across the park ― to W.H. Hunt’s & it is always a delight to go to him. He was working, & then we had lunch: ― & the talk was profuse.

Some paintings left by a stranger were amazing. Also, some items about AT & the Cornwall tour .

Came away at 3.30 & home. (Earlier, I had called on Mrs. Beadon🙂 ―

At 5 to the Waterloo Station, & so to Oatlands by 6.

Table d’hôte al solito.


[Transcribed by Marco Graziosi from Houghton Library, Harvard University, MS Eng. 797.3.]

  1. “The atmosphere is heavy, here.” (Lear’s Greek is largely incorrect, however, says NB). []
  2. Suffering a lot. []