Rose at 5, rain: & I was half inclined to go to town. Many feelings howbeit said no. B.H.H. had gone out. “Paid” Coleman, & the housemaid: & at 8 came to Rail. 8.30 at Brighton. Went to Allan Nevill: nice little lad. Mrs. Lovedig’s account of Hugh is not pleasant. ― To H.T. Catts: a most sad account of Fanny Coombe: alas! ―――――

H.T.C. as usual a fine fellow: what children!

Came to Louisa Shakespeare: whom, with Ida, I saw. & Mrs. Sayer… staid an hour.

Rail again at 11.50. ―― Arundel Station at 12.30. ―

Walked thence down the [hill] ― passing J.L.s of Lynnalin, to the Blake House ― & Brookfield ――― & quite to the old Mill by the river, whence I walked all along the old walk & across the “brooks” ― & up the chalk pit to Burpham, ― & there I saw the Church, & the tombs &c. &c. Peppering is [grievous] & merry ― 4 nice little girls, the youngest a very nice child. Robert in better health than I expected ― a sterling good man, as his father before him. Mrs. R.D.D. seems to me also much improved. ― What an absurd dream of time!

Having lunched, I came away at 5 ― & walked all the way back: at Rail by 6.30 & off again, & at Chichester by 7.30. Dined comfortably.


[Transcribed by Marco Graziosi from Houghton Library, Harvard University, MS Eng. 797.3.]