Rose at 6. fine ― cloudy ― calm, fresh, green, quiet, birdy, flowery. O morning! ― Worked till 9 ― & a small walking. ― After breakfast church, ― not unagreable.

Poi with Lady W. & Mr. H. ― Drawing by fits, or reading.

Lunch. ― Afterwards ― storm & rain. Then wandered ― on each side the house, & into the Park, & down to the dock ― alone ― μονος εισαι;1 said the man of [Χοροπισκοπος], & so it is. A heavy sadness. ― At 6 a walk with Canon C.H. ― & later with C.F. 1860-07-29 has asked me to bring a picture ― any picture* ― as long as I like [* & stay here] ― but this cannot be done for many reasons. ― Late, & hurry dress for dinner.

(C.F. speaks of the S. de R.’s complaints: I could tell a good deal of this, but it is better να σιωπω.)2

Dinner ― lively & pleasant. The Old Canon weds the little Miss M.; & much fun.

Sang a great deal afterwards ― & looked over some letters of George 3 to the then Lord Harcourt.

[Transcribed by Marco Graziosi from Houghton Library, Harvard University, MS Eng. 797.3.]

  1. You are alone (GT). []
  2. To be silent (GT). []