Rose later. The days are gray & cool: not wet, but always about to be so. ―

Dickenson came. I worked at Bright’s Cervara ― & at 11.30 dear old Ann came ― placid, but, alas! older ― older. ―― We sate pleasantly enough, & lunched at 1. ― At 2 came a letter from C.F. saying I had been expected at Nuneham, & had agreed to come on the 26! ― So, all things considered, ― I wrote to Drummond, & prepared to go. Ann went at 3: ― & I ―soon after, to Chappell’s, where I took 3 songs to publish. ― Then to Mrs. Middleton, & Mrs. E. Drummond, & Mr. Morier. Poi και επειτα, to Gt. Western rail. Mr. Harcourt was in the carriage, ― but strangely behaved ― sullen? ― At Culham we got out, ― & he was the same ―: asking him if he were well, he said: “In body, yes.” ― & then driving across the Park, he told me his brother Leveson had died suddenly. Before dinner I saw B. Morier, & C. Braham. ―


δεν εμπορουσα να λαβω κανεν αρασι, δια τον Παπαδα Καρλον, ο οποιος δεν  ηθελει παρασει το συκαλιον.1

Lady W. Wants me to paint her a picture here.

[Transcribed by Marco Graziosi from Houghton Library, Harvard University, MS Eng. 797.3.]

  1. I did not receive any snatch from traders, by the priest Charles’s wife, who does not like [] performances. []