Rose at 5.30. There is no sunrise in these lands, as of old in 1851, at Lydford. ―

Miss L. was up & gave us breakfast at ˇ[before] 7 & I Godfrey L. & Vincent, were off in a close fly to the Station. At Waterloo by 9: ― had to walk a long way ― no flies. ― Dark fog. At Stratford Pl. had to light lamp. ― Finding no work could be done, went in bus to Daddy Hunts ― who doesn’t look well, poor dear boy.* Then to Foords ― & pouring rain, wh. went on all day. And to Hansens, taking his back room, & deciding on the Cedars. ― to Colonial Office, to Robersons about the Canvass, & to C.F.’s ― C.F. was at home, but could not dine to day. So I went to Foords again, & came back, very dead alone: & dined on  cold beef, & much beer.

*To Eggs. Egg is Married. ― He is a good & honest fellow. Sad stories of F. ― W.P.F.


V. Lushington’s story of Sir R.B.: ― some attorneys ― having got his opinion on a difficult case, did not conceive he had given a just one, & returned to him at Stone Buildings, respectfully beseeching him to look the matter over ― & saying they had “turned the matter over in their mind,” & ventured to differ from him. ― His answer was this. “Attend to me.” “We are all attentive Sir Richard.[”] “Then, go away, ― & turn this matter over a second time in what you are pleased to call your minds; after that, you can, if you please, return to these chambers, ―― but I shall not be here.” ―

[Transcribed by Marco Graziosi from Houghton Library, Harvard University, MS Eng. 797.3.]