W.F.B. breakfast, he goes out of town on Monday: poor fellow, ― I cannot think he will ever wholly recover. ―― I sat to work on Jameson’s Campagna ― yet did not complete it: nor is Potter’s Palermo finished. One Howard Hopley came ―: & later some others, but (I am writing on the 13th) I can’t remember who.

At 3 or 4 W.G. Clark: ― & then Dickenson, whose bill I have reduced now to 65£: ― he took away Sandbach’s Palermo, & the 2 Stansfeld Campagnas. J.B. Edwards also came, & told me of his visit to the ATs ― (from whom I had heard to day,) &, sad to say, of much trouble at Moredale House. I walked with him to Regent Circus: then Buss to Angel, & walk to Ann’s ― whose lodgings are very comfortable. Sarah was there ― older only as to the loss of teeth, otherwise not at all so apparently ― Ann’s dinner, poor dear, was excellent, & so evening pleasant. S.S. is certainly a very curious woman. She seems to have grown wider in some of her religious views. The accounts of R.B. were really disgusting & terrible: his conduct to Mary frightful, & were he within reach I would give him a severe shaking.

At 10 I came away, & buss me home.

Fine day ― at least, no rain.

[Transcribed by Marco Graziosi from Houghton Library, Harvard University, MS Eng. 797.3.]