Fine ― yea, ― even sunshine all day long! ―

Wrote, & did somewhat to the Dead Sea early.

At 1 called on Mrs. Leake: poor lady: she was very very kind & nice & talked much about him.

Then on G. Middleton at dinner. E. Drummon’s: out. ― Crackes ― Miss C.: & Mrs. Hamilton C.: pesante sono.1 ― Across the Park ― deserving preachers ― to K. Macaulays, where were Mr. & Mrs. F. Pollock, & R. Cholmondeley. RC ― Walked with him a bit. Talk of the Dr. Vaughan Bishoprick. G. Clives ― out. Evans’s ― away. Simeon. Lord Farquhar, out.

Home by 6.30, & was very angry to find that Thomas had opened the door ˆ[of my back room] to R. Martineau, as well as to Mr. Desanges, whom I don’t know at all. ― Whether they had touched the picture, or if it had slipped, I do not know, but the sky had come off on to the glass a little ― to my dreadful disgust, & I sent back a season ticket left by Desanges for his V. Cross pictures, in a horrid rage.

At 7.45 Dowgr Lady Greys. Lady G. ― is, I fancy, livelier & better than 2 years ago. Lady G. always the same. Dr. Wadhouse, whom I always liked. ― Mr. Mrs. & Miss Robertson, rather bores: & one ――― Vyvian. ―

Old R. (who talks of the loss of his [sons],) turns out to be a brother of Mrs. North! ― being his name was Majoribanks,  & he took the name of Haggerston, & Robertson afterwards. Before I knew who he was, he, talking of Berwich, was asked by me as to the place climate &c.: ― & I said I had a friend []2 there, on a commission &c. &c. On wh. he flared up, & said ― “is he a proper, clever, good, & right man? & would you tell him how glad I should have been to see him at ―――, only under the circumstances?

  1. I suppose Lear meant to say “they are hard to bear,” but since “sono” might also mean “sound,” perhaps “with heavy sound.” []
  2. A blot makes this word difficult to read. []