Rain all night, & this morning ditto & wind.

Rose at 6: & penned out the first of my Spezzia drawings. Breakfast ― exceedingly uncomfortable, as al solito here: ― Gt. Eastern passing ― huge. Afterwards, AT F.L. & I set out to the Downs, ― but it rained, & after an hour we came back. Lunch. ― & some quiet talk here & there with F.L. & E.T. ― Later, we three set out to walk again, but AT was most disagreeably querulous & irritating & would return, chiefly because he saw people approaching. But F.L. would not go back, & led zigzag-wise towards the sea ― AT snubby & cross always. After a time he would not go on ― but led us back by muddy paths (over our shoes,) a short-cut home ― hardly, even at last, avoiding his horror, ― the villagers coming from church.. ― Verily this is a wondrous man ― of dreamy sweet words. ― Dinner, & afterwards dessert: & later tea: & converse till 10½. ― AT on Norway Catarax, & [Civitra] &c. &c. ― many times repeated: ― & on seasickness: ― & ― εντρ επομαι να το ειπω ― αλλα πραγματα.1

So I came to bed: ― & believe that this is my last visit to Faringford: ― nor can I wish it otherwise all things considered. ―

[Transcribed by Marco Graziosi from Houghton Library, Harvard University, MS Eng. 797.3.]

  1. More or less, “and he continued to speak ― other things.” []