Fine throughout, but very windy. ― Rose at 7. ― After breakfast went to Mills in Oxford St. & bought furniture. Returned. Arranging rooms &c. ― Invitation from the Evans’s. ― at 12 Mrs. Musters came, , & saw the various pictures: a delightful, good, & sensible little woman. Then J.B. Edwards, ― discourse of his parient [sic], &c. Then the new bookcase & sideboard, & thence fresh arrangement of books &c. &c. ― Then came Richard Church ― who is a really good & pleasant man: he was evidently pleased with all he saw. At 5.30 called on Wynne, ― saw W.W. ― on Col. Hornby ― who told me all the news, which is little. Terrick Hamilton, ― Beauclerks, ― Clermonts, & Percys, & home by 7. Dressed, ― calling on Col. Clowes by the way ― & to W. Evans. Mrs. Walter E. ―, Capt. Storey ― old: ― a Mr. Balguy? (who married a White Ogle) “Dorothy Blair” ― Mrs. Dawkins, & a young Russian. The dinner was good: the whole family friendly & kind: ― everything agreeable.

In the evening I sang various songs: & came away at 11½.

[Transcribed by Marco Graziosi from Houghton Library, Harvard University, MS Eng. 797.3.]