Dull & gray ― at 12 rain as usual.

Letters from E.P.Mrs. Coombe & others.

Worked pretty well at the 3 Parnassi ― i.e. pretty steadily. Slept half an hour: & Gibbs with V. Johnson came in. ― Worked till 4.30.

Calls. Wynne ―― Mrs. Wynne ― dead: ― kind merry Mrs. Wynne! How I recall Vœlas, & her walks with me, & the Betties [y] ― wed. || ― Godley ― away: he ill. || Cocks: out. ―|| A. Seymour, who paid his £5 Bassæ fund. Walked with him, & saw the Clives, a pleasure. ― || Sir W. James. || Sir J. Young. || Massingberd. || Met E. Sartoris ― a disagreeable man, & called on Mrs. S. ― G. Duff Gordon screamingly going out. Leighton the painter there ― & another. Mrs. S. struck me as horribly artificial & actress-like. || across the park to Evans. || Cab home. Dressed. C. Fortescue came. ([επιζολη απο τον κινξλοι].)1 A pleasant half hour.  At 8 ― dined with the Chaworth Musters, just the same as at Nottingham, ― & “Carry Franklin.” She is certainly a remarkably nice & I think sensible girl.

Sang a good deal, & came away at 10.30.

To Mrs. (Archer) Clives: a large party: saw various Gordons, Wilsons, & others, & heard some good music: particularly Madrigal singing: ― but I hate large parties on the whole. ―

Rain: ― the weather is always winter. Home by 12.30.



[Transcribed by Marco Graziosi from Houghton Library, Harvard University, MS Eng. 797.3.]

  1. Perhaps meaning επιζωλη απο τον κινξλοι, which might be interpreted, according to GT, as “surviving from the Kingsleys.” []