Very lovely.

Rose early. Ετελειπα ολα πραγματα.1 Called on P.W. ― on D. Sermoneta, & at 11 on Macbean, & drew out 300 scudi, leaving me over & above my debts. Then to the Storys ― & Knights, where I lunched & sate long with Isabella. Afterwards called on the B. Mathews. Τωρα ― εις μιαν ωραν, θα αφισω Ρωμην.2 G. is very gloomy & glum, but I don’t know what to do about taking him on.

At 3¼ a ninterview with the astute brothers Spillmans ―  “in 4 siamo e poi un’altro il qual non conte ― consiacché è Gesuita. ―”3 who seem veering towards taking rooms, ― & by that time, the carriage was packed ― & the empty rooms left, & G. & I off “απο την Φυλακα.”4 G.’s spirits rose wizzibly, & after 2nd class tickets were taken, passports visæd, & luggage weighted, we were off by rail. Nothing could be more lovely than the green green green of the Campagna, & the bright hills, & river, & cattle & trees. Co-travellers rather noisy. At 6 Palo: ― & then the bright S. Severo Castle ― & at 7 the sloping C. Vecchia hills, & the end of the fytte of journey. Rolandi ― or Orlandi Hotel, & the same 2 rooms as a year ago. Dinner & Café warm: & 2 pleasant people, one English, the other the [Sa ] Weimar professor ― (Jena,) of whom they told me at the Sermonetas. ― We all 3 talked a good deal in various lingoes. ―

[Transcribed by Marco Graziosi from Houghton Library, Harvard University, MS Eng. 797.3.]

  1. “And all things were away,” perhaps meaning that everything was ready for leaving Rome. []
  2. Now, in an hour, I shall leave Rome (GT). []
  3. We are four, and then another one, who does not count ― as he is a Jesuit ―. []
  4. From the prison (GT). []