Tolerable fine. Rose at 7 & packed most of the remaining things. I am more & more inclined to leave here in 15 days or so, & walk along the Cornice (& Riviera) from Pisa, taking G. with me to Genoa, sending him thence to Marseilles & home. ― It cannot be right for me to keep him away from those he ought to be with, even if he wished it; ― & poor fellow he is often pulled both ways. ― And ― respecting the walk, ― altho’ I leave much of my work unfinished, yet I gain more variety of subject for future illustration ― tanto piu1 if I write a journal. ― The sending my cumbersome boxes to England will be a great expense doubtless ― 2ndly & this house for a year to come, ― & much more ―― but all this has been inevitable for a long while past ― & in no mode could Rome be possible for me. ― ――― Tomorrow & Tuesday come models: ― later in the week I hope to sketch at Cervara, ― & as far as I can advance Musters’ drawings. ――― At 10½ to church; many there, but mostly new persons. Burgon less fooly than usual ― & happily only 32 minutes of folly. ― Walking home ― Mr. & Mrs. Fetherstonehaugh.

Came home, packed, & read. … At 5 Cheales called, & I walked with him to the Corso, wh. was all red & tapestry for a procession of S. Giuseppe de’ Falegnami. ― I, wishing C. good-bye ― he goes tomorrow ― went on to the Capitol, & the crowds of people were considerable. ― At 6 went to Sermoneta Pal. & waited till 7 when they came. The Lovatellis only, & D. Onorato at dinner ― which was pleasant enough. ― M.G. is always the same ― very much an angel. ― The Brother ― “Pippo” only is odious.

St. Peter’s illuminated. ― home by 10½.

[Transcribed by Marco Graziosi from Houghton Library, Harvard University, MS Eng. 797.3.]

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