Drew 25 scudi from Macbeans. Sent letter to Ann. Letter from Mr. W. Sandbach.

Rain & filth again. ― To Macbeans. ― There are no news from Sicily except “perfect tranquillity” ― & all the “Steamers (Neapolitan[)] taken for troops” ― which are quite consistent.

Pouring rain ― & unbearable closeness & dullness. O God! can any lousy place of lice & shit be like unto this pig-stye of impostors? (Excuse angry himpulses.) ―― So I came back, & packed up a good deal. ― Nice letter from Mr. W. Sandbach: ― & I wrote a longish letter to Ann, Lord Dunglass called ― a very unaffected nice youth, as I at first thought him, March 1858. ―
Later, came Jameson, who sate some time, & I worked a bit at the Beirût. At 5½ went out, paid bills, & made calls in pouring rain: & sate a bit with P. Williams ― who cares for nothing much beyond his study. ― At 6½ I got a minũte walk on the Pincian, & then came home, & dined alone.

Read D’Israeli’s “Amenities of Literature,” greatly to my delight. Heard, (from Jameson) about the P. & D. of S――a ― as to the “enemies of the faith” frequenting his house.


[Transcribed by Marco Graziosi from Houghton Library, Harvard University, MS Eng. 797.3.]