Rose a little earlier, determined, if possible, to take G. out for 2 or 3 days ― but it looked very threatening & black. Benouville & one Bellet came to look at the paintings. As the weather cleared, we went off at 9½ in a carriage ― & waited at the Frascati Railroad till 10.40, when we were off: & at the post of the hill in some 17 or 20 minutes ― & an omnibus took us up. At the gates, I found Wilson was there. I & G. went to the Inn & got rooms, & then to the V. Conti & its fountains, & frogs. Met Wilson, who seemed to think it odd I could not join his party: he is potius aper. Then, had some lunch, ― & G. & I set out about 1 upwards, by rather a giro1 of roads ― (for I missed the way) to Toscolo: where we found violets, & ruins ― far more than in my time, ― & finally the theatre, which pleased poor G. ― & he began to get more allegro.2 It was windy ― & a dull [rainy] day ― but he saw a small ship on the sea beyond Pratica. Then by the Camaldoli, & V. Falconieri ― & Taverna, & Mondragone ―― the whole of many years seeming to come back again.By 6½ at Frascati, & now, 7 ― ελπιζα να γευματισω.3


τα αδονατα, ― δεν ητον
δυνατον να κοιμη δη τις
εξαιτιας των σκηληων ―
(η απω τα σκηλα.) ― και τα λοιπα4

[Transcribed by Marco Graziosi from Houghton Library, Harvard University, MS Eng. 797.3.]

  1. Round. []
  2. Cheerful. []
  3. I hope to have lunch (GT). []
  4. The general sense of the sententence is that it was impossibile to sleep because of some reason. ήταν αδύνατο να κοιμηθεί εξαιτίας της is “it was impossible to sleep because of”. []