Slept better; cold somewhat better. ― Fine, & cold. Sent G. early with a note to Mrs. Story. ―

More people at church. Mr. Burgon the ˇ[new] Chaplain: 6 French Protestants soldiers. ― Called on Cheales ― ill in bed. Lord. R. & the Oxford Militia man ―.―

At 1½ to Wilsons, & with him in carratella to Doria Pamphili Gardens. ― but the sun had clouded & day was cold. Yet the gardens are ever interesting to me from many causes besides the elegant Villa & gardens & swans & pines.

Returned by Acqua Paolina. ― Dressed, & by 6 to Macbeans. ― Mr. Bilton, Newton, Dr. O’Brien & myself, guests. Dinner superexcellent: discussion on art ― sculpture especially ― & N. came out well I thought: only, at his saying ― “take for example Shakespeare, ― yet do not ask are there any Lears & Hamlets walking now in real life” ―― when, Col. G. saying quietly ― “here is Lear.” ― everyone laughed & the whole subject blew up. ― In the drawing room the conversation was always agreable, & certainly Mrs. M. is a very nice woman in all ways. ― Letter from Thackeray &c. ― Talk of the state of things here. They actually did send the public executioner on to the P. Pia in the Carnival, & he narrowly escaped with life. Goyon1 has had a process verbal of this. In other ways, they do all to compel the people to revolt & row.

― Went at 10½ to Cheales, but he was better & out. Saw Lord R.: who is [ετζι κ ετζι] μου φαινεται.2

[Transcribed by Marco Graziosi from Houghton Library, Harvard University, MS Eng. 797.3.]

  1. Count de Goyon was the head of the French occupation army in Rome. []
  2. So so [Lear probably meant έτσι ώστε] it seems to me (GT). []