Fine & clear all day ― but very cold.

Did not paint well ― the 2 Palermos. ― Disgusted διοτι ˇ[δεν] ειναι γραμματα.1 ― ―

Began the Damascus: ― & at 4 went to P. Williams, with whom I walked to P. Maggiore, wishing to go to Frascati with G. tomorrow ― but the Railway hours are too early or too late.

Returned to dine, with Mr. Wilson: ― G.’s dinner was very good, al solito. ― After wh. we talked, & I worked, at a Netching in pen a nink. ― Mr. E.W. is an intellectual, & pleasant fellow. No letter from Ann, which grieves me.

All the P. Pia road was thronged with people & carriages, from 4 Fontana to P. Nomentana. ― & so, I hear it was on Thursday. ― The childish Romans “do” their Carnival thus ― disperati! Poor fools. ― There was a pasquinade 2 nights ago,

Il Carnivali si fa a Porta Pía
Chi va in Corso, e ladr’o spía.2

The restrictions as to the Carnival are certainly abundant.

Wilson staid till 12.50.


  1. Because there are no letters (GT). []
  2. The Carnival is at Porta Pia / Those who go to the Corso are thieves or spies. []