At 10, I resolved to wash, & get out of the infernal Hole=cabin: ― so I did & went up on deck. The waves are really a wonderful sight! ― deep blue=black, with [silen] crests ― valley-making, gulfing ― vast, forcible, opal=vitriol hued above, solemn inky below, ― gull=abounding ― ever-moving ―― terrible. But I lay & held on ― as the vessel swooped & circled. ― No rest: no good: & so day went on, till, towards sunset, the dismay=wave=chase seemed to lull, ― & then came the golden sunset, calm, & with one long purple, orange[-]lighted cloud above, & many a golden flecked streak at the water edge ― the sun going down one full orb of sublimity ―: above the delicate new moon, & one star. ― Followed then a vast swell of sea, making the voyage nearly as troublous as before, tho’ wind was gone. But, about 7 or 8, after we passed the Corsica Faro, the sea became calm, & I went down & soon fell asleep in the Saloon.

[Transcribed by Marco Graziosi from Houghton Library, Harvard University, MS Eng. 797.3.]