Dark & foggy but dry ―: later lighter.

Poor darling Ann came at 10: ― she seems pretty well: but Dickenson coming to hang those Civitella, Lydford, & Pentadilo, & many other matters, interrupted the day sadly. Yet perhaps it was as well, ― for the leaving me is always a sad task for poor dear Ann.

She went at 3.

I went out: taking 28£ to Drummonds, & the other shoppings, ― returning at 6.
Letter from Miss Duckworth ― dear old Lady! how well one remembers her pleasant evenings!

― At 7 I went to the W. Beadons. W.F.B. is apparently better for the time ― yet I suppose he gradually fades. A son of Cecil Beadon was there ― a youth from college: ― somewhat of talent all the Beadons have. W.F.B. is certainly a very delightful man: so much taste & so various: ― with so manly & English a decision of character. “Jessie” is better just now ― but he has not gained, somehow, by years: ― a kind of dreamy effulgence prevents much consecutive converse. ― Later I sang ― but B. fell asleep ― poor fellow: ― & Mrs. B. is not one to whom songs can always be sung. ―

[Transcribed by Marco Graziosi from Houghton Library, Harvard University, MS Eng. 797.3.]