Same hot weather.

Letter from Mr. Edwards.

Worked off & on at his Corfû.

4 AndrèsBaring ― 6 Crakes, & F.L. ˆ[came.]

5 Cocks ― 3 Farquhars ― & Lord & Lady Clermont.

22 humming beans.

So at 5 I went to the Pantechnicon & Foord’s & back by the Crowded Park.
At 7½ to the Higford Burrs: a “distinguished” party ― kind & natural. Mrs. G. Clive one horrid G. Duff Gordon, one hadsome but unrefined Mrs. Knight, ― LayardPaine ― (O! the Goodes & Goddards!) ― Ferguson ― (the architectural) a French sculptor, an English sculptress ― & a very nice Miss Duff. The woman or man Gordon put me in a rage by her regular quackery. ― Discussions about Antonelli were amusing. ―

In coming away, Ferguson explained all his theory about the Temple ― which is really most [startling], & apparently true. ―――

Mrs. B. asked me to a breakfast tomorrow: but that wouldn’t do.

[Transcribed by Marco Graziosi from Houghton Library, Harvard University, MS Eng. 797.3.]