Much colder, but a harder grayer sky.

Rose at 5½ ― & wrote “Athos”. ― How strangely doing so brought back those days!

Letter from Foord ― the first lot of paintings & drawings arrived, & the 3 for them here coming down today. Letter from Hansen.

At 11 they came, & were much liked.

I wrote at Athos all the morning. ―

Letter from Windham H.Mrs. James Hornby died on the 12th & was buried as I was crossing from Dieppe on Thursday 19th. ―

So truly fine a heart & mind in woman have I ever known? ― This numbs & confuses me: ― I cannot recall or arrange my thoughts. ― I wrote on till 4, & then, with Bern, walked over Mt. Caburn ― cold piercing East wind, ― & they always have fires all day.

At 6¾ ― dinner, Capt & Mrs. Warren, ― Mrs. & Mr. Nicholson, & a Mr. Albert N. ― & Currys the partner. ― I could hardly be up to all I should have been, but the evening went off very tolerably well. ―

There was a note also from F.L.

[Transcribed by Marco Graziosi from Houghton Library, Harvard University, MS Eng. 797.3.]