Nevertheless rose at 6. ― ˇ[Morning] very fine. We [make a merit now] [gr.]. ― Working very little [gr.] at Mr. Edwards’ Corfû, I went out ― [find] (at 10½,) to Macbean’s. The news is frightfully ugly: ― & all tend towards the French-Russ plan of Eastern Division. Paid Macbeans 2 bills ― called on Macpherson’s ― out ― & home by 11½. Macann, & Drummond called. (I went also to Williams.) ― Afterwards I went on with outlines a bit, but little, ― determining shortly to get all ready for starting. There is no [sense] in staying till one can’t go: ― for, for shut up life I have no vocation. ― So I arranged & packed at a gt. rate. Macann, “Preston & Cook” came later; ― & at 5½  ― Drummond, with whom I walked to P. Maggiore, & S. J. Laterano. ― The evening was very lovely, & D. enjoying it so much, I am ashamed of not doing so half as much. ― Returned by 7½ ― to find a letter from Miss Hornby

Mrs. Hornby is dying ― if not already gone to those who await her: ― & poor Mr. Windham has had her foot amputated!

[Transcribed by Marco Graziosi from Houghton Library, Harvard University, MS Eng. 797.3.]