Headache. Very close cloudy weather ― as always now. ―

Went to church ― great crowd & exceedingly  disagreeable. ― Waited for Stansfeld ― & left him ― agreeing to walk later. Passing down the Babuino ― I suddenly saw ― horror! ― all the Ormsbys!! ― I thought I was unseen ― & ducked down the [Gren] ― but O.s followed me, & afterwards that unpleasant old woman. ― But I shunned them pretty clearly I never wished to see them again.

Wrote (to Ann) at home till 3½ (being interrupted continually ― Duke of S. Albans asking me to dine ― (but I had sent to say I would dine at Williams’s trattoria ―) & by Philpots calling ― who came forsooth to say that young Grant had been riding out with the P. of W. ― that he is, apperiently, a childlike simple man.) ― When Stansfeld came, a very hearty Saxon! ― & we went over the Φερρy ― & below M. Mario, to V. Madama. Sounding halls of Giulio Romano: ― frogs. Cyclamens: & down wood paths to the parade ground. But today was gray & scirocco damp-stuffy ― tho’ gleams were on the city. ― We walked back by the River ― & I got back by 6¾ ― & went, by 7¼ to the Belli Arti. ― where was P.W. ― Better dinner than usual. ― Opposite came one Codrington, & Hibbert ― with whom, when P. W. went, I joined company. ― found G. & Coffee ― when I came back at 10. Good G. had written a vast lot, & capitally ― but he had added a line about Spiro, which his morbidity vexed me. Poor Giorgio. He must go back to Corfû.

[Transcribed by Marco Graziosi from Houghton Library, Harvard University, MS Eng. 797.3.]