Mr. W. Sandbach
Mrs. ditto
Captain Bertram
Mrs. Bertram
―― Finney
―― Philpot
―― Grant
Miss [Rainerch]
Miss Jones. 13

Working ― but only half & half. Fine always.

Wrote & sent letter to F.L. New party of Sandbachs & others. Old gent who said, “No one passes through Petra ― otherwise a Prophecy ― which Dr.  Keith explains is nothing ― “henceforth no one shall pass thro’ Petra.” ― Then said I, ― either Dr. K. or the prophecy is wrong, if I did pass thro’ it. ― After all these people went, I worked, but not well ― at Lord Clermont’s Jerusalem. ― I cannot yet see my way as to going hence or not. At 4½ I went to P.W. who is always very kindly ― vû his years & his many natural drawbax. We walked up to S. John Lateran & back. ― Gibson is oltre che  foolish in his taking the P. of W. to Strutt’s & other places. From how small a seed “tyranny” arises.

So I came home ― & dined alone: good Giorgio always a solid straighforward [sic] fellow, in all kind of attentiveness. ―

[Transcribed by Marco Graziosi from Houghton Library, Harvard University, MS Eng. 797.3.]