As usual ― bitter cold ― but less wind. ― Went early to buy various things. Paid 2 dollars for an inkstand & got a table from Sartori’s. ― Returned at 10½ to find a heap of people ― Miss Webb, ― Duke & Duchess of St. Albans, Odo Russell, G. Waldegrave, & Mr. & Mrs. [Reynold] ―: shewed the Palestine drawings. Baron de Schroeter also. Pizzerani, the upholsterer ― nearly driving me mad. ― S.W.C. came. Worked at 2 drawings but little enough. Letters from Ann & F.L. ― Maria L. seems going after Harry, Louisa, & Tom: poor people!1 ―  At 4½  ― went with Giorgio to take various notes, ― & shewed him Monte Cavallo, where the horses greatly pleased him. ― Dined at the Belle Arti, with P.W. ― who came home afterwards with me & saw Athos drawings. ― 8½ to 10½ with S.W.C. Chimney smoking, which is very annoying ― all the more that these filthy people know & propose the remedy ― but don’t use it.


[Transcribed by Marco Graziosi from Houghton Library, Harvard University, MS Eng. 797.3.]

  1. All relatives of Franklin Lushington who had died in the last few years. []