Packed all. Very cold. ― Drew at Gibbs’s drawings from 10 to 3. Stephens there. ―

At 3.30 ― came away from Holman Hunt’s ―where I have been, as I always have been, happier than in most places. But there are many drawbacks to living with him, good as he is. ― At Seymour St. found that Col. Hornby had called ― so I went there, & sate some time with him; a good kind man. ― Then to Foord’s, & found 3 packages were sent off. ― Back ― dressed, & cab ― (wheel fell at corner of Park St. ― so I took a 2nd ―) to Sartoris’s. Picturesque, but fanciful boy. ― Party, Mr. & Miss Harness, Lady E. & Miss Balteel, & C. Greville. Mary is exceedingly interesting. After dinner, much talk of “Hattie Hosmer.” When they went, I sang, ― Mrs. S. asking me; I knew she thought I longed to be asked. But she is too critical a listener, & I cannot sing before her scientific saw. ― Walked home, & arranged papers.

Letters from Lady W. ― Shakespear ― very nice.

Eh! F.L.! ― oh! tempo passato!1

[Transcribed by Marco Graziosi from Houghton Library, Harvard University, MS Eng. 797.3.]

  1. “Time gone by!” Italian. []