Wet. ― Rose early & wrote notes. Breakfast late ― 9½. Headache. ― Day gloomy, & cold indoors. Egg called. Worked at Jerusalem ― Sunrise ― 1st day. ― At 5 walked to Fanny Coombe, & sat ½ hour. ― Mr. Peachey’s at Tarring, was then Henty’s ― so I have been doing a Bethlehem foreground from their garden! ― Stephen H. had been at the Coombe’s since I left, with 3 grown-up children: they all live at Melbourne, & are very rich. Returned by 6.30 ―. Dinner. Reynolds & H. ― Criticisms on Seddon’s book. ― Penning out from 8 to 11.30. ― A good deal of fun ―: talk of the Patmores’ parties ― so many asked but, none coming. H.H. & J.E.M. once, getting tired of passing the evening alone with Mr. & Mrs. P. sate all the evening on 2 posts in the moonlight, not going to the home at all, only once, to spy through he window. ― At times, however, I am not over content here: ― where & when ever was I? No letters. No news. ― But we avoid the morbids as far as we can, ― & look ahead as little as possible.

[Transcribed by Marco Graziosi from Houghton Library, Harvard University, MS Eng. 797.3.]