Rose at 6½ heaps of letters. Wrote to Hansen & Mr. Cracke. Rain. Breakfast. Shewing photografs &c. ― & dawdling. J.C. went out. ― Worked uncertainly. ― Lunch. ― Accounts of this Lord D. & Lord S. ― how Lord D. ― when 4 years old was heard to say ― “a dittikil emterprise” ― & [was] applying the term to folding a letter: ― how being  asked his name by a stranger, he said ― ‘My real name is E.G.S.S. but they generally if not always call me ― Mgn, &c. &c.’ ― how Lord S. ― when Eddy S. said, ‘I have conceived the idea of an enormous ship, one end of which should enter the harbour of her destination when the other had hardly left the original port![’] & how he went to collect humblebees &c. Much talk with the 2 good kind visitors, ― the one blind, the other is kindly ministering to her patience & suffering. It rained always. No one went out. At 6 I called at ‘Dove’s nest,’ & saw Miss Napier & Mr. & Mrs. Grams. Dinner cheerful & agreeable. Music, being melancholy ― we eschewed. ―

[Transcribed by Marco Graziosi from Houghton Library, Harvard University, MS Eng. 797.3.]