Rose very early. Bathed. ― Scirrocco. ― Wrote & finished 2 letters to Ann, & F.L. ― Breakfast. ― the Woodberrys, Kilgours, Polish Prince, Wilsons &c. The waiting at table here is a bore ― the men stupid & speaking only bad English: And the tea & coffee are undrinkable. ― Afterwards, went with G. & Abdel to Austn.  post ― no letters. to Mr. Black ― Banker, & got 10£. Then to the other Hotel ― which seems to me better than this, but is a being ruined by a combination of Dragomans. Then by the sandy lane outside the walls to the plateau of the barrax ― whence the view is very fine ― only the Mountains were quite hidden. Then up by the very red sandy cactus edged mulberry fringed lanes to Col. Churchill’s. The same “Bink” was there as on Thursday ― & she introjuiced me to a bashful Syrian called “Abdallah” I think ― but as he could not speak any common lingo he mizzled. Col. C. then came in ― very gentlemanly & agreeable & we talked a good deal of the MurraysCol. Finucane &c. &c. He offers a letter to the  Govr. of Hasbey,  & invites me to Howard: also offers letters to Abd el Kader at Damascus. So I came away. Fair or feast of Bairãm:1 great fuss of rolling swinging box held children. Drew by the barracks from about 2 to 3. Afterwards ― sending Abdel home & taking George ― at various bits of foreground & cactus, till towards 5 ― when we came to the Hotel. They bore me to dine now but I won’t. ― The wind is high, & the steamers pitch. This morning, Gibbs & Turner looked at my drawings ― & G. commissioned me to do 6. 2 of Jerusalem ― {Of the Mt. Olives | from ditto} 1 Bethlehem ― 1 Bethany ― 1 Dead Sea ― & one of Nazareth if I go there, or Hebron if I don’t. These with Barnes’ ― make {15.15.| 7 | 110.5 |}. Bother the dinner! However, I went; only Sangouski ― & his Medico. Then, the Woodberrys, Wilsons, & Gibbs & Turner ― all go. ― Are left, Dr. & Mrs. K. ― Dr. K. wishes for medicine ― & I give some. ― Wind & waves! ― O Dragomen!

  1. Islamic feast at the end of Ramadan. []