The Hill of Evil Counsel (Wilson et al. 1881, I.110)

Rose early ― & finished letters to Ann, F.L.C.F.1 ― Breakfast. ― Afterwards, went with Barnes to Dr. McGowan’s ― beautiful view. ― Returned, & rushed to Bergheion’s bank ― & got 20£. Then ― at 11 ― to Finn’s, with Abdel Malak writ ―, & signed the contract there ― paying him 17/10 ― (in all 23.10.- ―). Mr. Finn [writ | assist] over agreable [sic] I think. I, who had forgotten my contract, had to write one there, whereby he was sneerful. ― It was plaguing hot in those wonderful stuffed costume streets! ― But I had to go again to the Bank & got another 20£. At the post also I found a letter from W. Nevill ― sad, but good & true. Poor Will! He does not get over Mary’s death ― nor can he ever. ― Wrote to him, & after lunch, sent Giorgio with all 4 letters to the Consul’s. At 2½ ― Barnes & I went out, of the Jaffa Gate, & down to valley of Gihon, below the schools ― to the cut tombs, & by degrees to the top of the Hill of Evil Counsels, ― where we sat & examined Zion: then down to Aceldama,2 ― not falling into concealed hole. Then, by En Rogel  ― over Siloan, ascending rough rocks & thorny abruptnesses ― & greatly delighted with the view of the S.S. corner of the Temple. ― Clouds of sheep black, white heads. So we came up by Absalom’s tomb, & to Zion Gate ― going into the American Church by the way ― & home by dinner time. ― Dinner expansive ― numerous. Afterwards, packed.

[Transcribed by Marco Graziosi from Houghton Library, Harvard University, MS Eng. 797.3.]

  1. LEL, 94-7. []
  2. Field of Blood, of the traitor Judas; a small plot of ground, overhung with one precipice, and looking down another into the glen below, on which is a deep charnel-house, into which it was formerly the custom to throw the bodies of the dead, as the earth was supposed to have the power of rapidly consuming them. []