A journalist and a barrister at the English bar. Full Wikipedia article.

According to Susan Chitty, Lear and Venables did not like each other, as they were in competition for the Lushington family’s affection; in 1855, while waiting at Park House for the terminally ill Harry Lushington’s return, the latter wrote in his diary: “In the evening, while the others were out and I was in the schoolroom with the children, I heard that Lear was here, and to my great disgust he is settled here” (Chitty 1989, 148). In a letter to Emily Tennyson of 28 October 1855, Lear complained that Venables was circulating the story that Lear’s insistence on Franklin Lushington’s return to Corfu with him was motivated by a desire “to benefit myself by Frank’s position and increased income” (Chitty 1989, 150).

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