Thursday, 2 December 1858

Rose at 8. Opposite my window is P. Williams’s studio!!! ― So I dressed, & went there. How wonderfully strange are my feelings! Is it or not another life. “Stepping stones” to higher things. Old Vincenza ― kind old creature! & P.W. looking very well & kindly. A picture of his of the Mass of […]

Wednesday, 1 December 1858

All the early morning ― high wind & rain: a great bore. However, at 9 we really got to dingy stupid old Civita Vecchia ― & then to the nasty Douane. It is hardly possible to express how slow, beastly, stupid, ― & odious was all the arrangement of botheration & doganism. I could not […]

Tuesday, 30 November 1858

On deck by 8. Calmish weather ― off Hiere islands.1 ― S.W.C. & I amused ourselves on cloaks on the deck, & had great fun in seeing the passengers. ― One woman the “Tortoise” was great fun ― . One little chubby man I thought I knew of old ― he was Dr. Danberry. Breakfast […]

Monday, 29 November 1858

At 7 we were one hour at Lyons ― & had breakfast. Then, pleasantly on to Avignon at 12.30 ― (Here was one of the best breakfasts mortal could eat ― no end of things & all good.) ― There was enough to think of sadly at Avignon. ― By 3.15 we were at Marseille, […]

Sunday, 28 November 1858

Weather far less cold, & almost pleasant. Wrote to Ann while S.W.C. went to Church. Mem: Hotel du Rhin is uncomfortable. ― After 1 C. & I walked to Banlieu de Sebastopol, & to new Halles ―: surely nothing in city architecture was ever finer than is Paris now. At 2 C. left me, & […]

Saturday, 27 November 1858

Knock about Paris all day. X12 [Transcribed by Marco Graziosi from Houghton Library, Harvard University, MS Eng. 797.3.]

Friday, 26 November 1858

S.W.C. & I crossed at 12.45 ―― 3.15. & on to Paris by 10.40. Hotel du Rhin. X11 [Transcribed by Marco Graziosi from Houghton Library, Harvard University, MS Eng. 797.3.]

Thursday, 25 November 1858

Not so cold. Breakfast with poor dear Ann ― whom I left at 11. Ashford by 12.40 & Folkestone, (Paris line) by 1.20. Letters from Gibbs ― paying [money] ― & from Dr. Rimbault ― Cramer takes the songs. ― S.W. Clowes comes this evening. [Transcribed by Marco Graziosi from Houghton Library, Harvard University, MS […]

Wednesday, 24 November 1858

Found that it was necessary to go by an early train ― so there was hardly any time before going off. Good dear B.H.H. lent me 50£ & by 9.10 ― off to Hastings. There the cold was intense, & I only ran about for an hour ― & then on to Ashford. ― Here […]

Tuesday, 23 November 1858

Very bright & cold. ― Asthma better, but cold very bad. I wrote & arranged little matters till Lunch, ― & then John & Mrs. Blencowe came ― kind good people indeed both. Then a walk with Mrs. H. & J.S. ― but it was horribly cold. ― After dinner, I shewed the Palestine drawings […]