Rose at 5.30. 6.30 out with G., & drew by the Ποταμὸς bridge. (Calabrians have a boat here, ― a company sent by Primo Pignatelli to search for Liquorice root.[)] Returning at 8.30 ― met Dr. Sansoni, & back with him to Ἅγιος Νάσσος ποῦ ἥτον ἐφολῆ,1 & a giving away of boiled wheat & sweetmeats, some to us. Then we went to a higher point, where I drew again ― for the views are lovely. Finally ― we returned at 11.15. At 12 ― Colazione, at the end of the long Gallery, Sig. & Sig.ra Sansoni & I: pleasant & rational. The lovely distance recalls many far away days. ― At 1. drew a “femmina,” in Λευκίμμη costume. Ἑφανήθη2 also, the Doctor’s mother; [] a pleasant old lady, [fever] suffering. After wh. ― I returned & slept till 3.30.

At 4 ― walked to the Gallery, & drew [ezidionety]3 till after sunset ―: the long brim of mountains, & 2ndly the northern view of S. Salvador &c. ―. ― Coversation for ½ an hour ― poi dinner. I wish they would not bring out various wines ― as one or two are enough: howbeit tonight there was port ― beyond all belief execrable & wholly undrinkable ― Which I said ― & did not try to drink it. These are warmhearted folk.

[Transcribed by Marco Graziosi from Houghton Library, Harvard University, MS Eng. 797.3.]

  1. Agios Nassos (St. Athanasius) where there was a feast (NB). []
  2. Came (NB). []
  3. This, or “ezidiomty,” is the word Lear wrote: it is not Italian or Greek. []